The R3GROUP project partners carried out its first General Assembly on last 7th of July, which took place in Patras, Greece. The meeting was held at the University of Patras, where the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS), the partner host, has its facilities. 

The meeting, which lasted two days, served as an opportunity for the twenty-four partners to update on key developments, achievements, and future plans regarding the technologies we’re developing within the project. The event aimed to provide transparency, foster open communication, and enable attendees to actively participate in shaping the project’s next steps. 

During the meeting, each partner, moderated by the coordinator, Ronand Le Goff (IPC), delivered presentations highlighting the most recent developments and strategic initatives for their scope of work. All the partners gained valuable insights into the project’s operations and future actions. 

Some of the key discussions during the General Assembly were:

  • Technologies development updates: to continue driving innovation and progress on the new manufacturing solutions that each technical provider is developing.
  • How the different uses cases will implement the developed technologies in their production lines
  • How to create an online community around reconfiguration in industrial product chains
  • The importance to develop a market analysis to ensure a successful go-to-market strategy
  • Operational Updates: Updates on key operational areas, such as production, supply chain, research and development.
  • Future actions: Insights into the project’s strategic priorities, innovation pipeline, and future plans, including technology launches and market penetration strategies.

The partners were also able to visit the LMS facilities and discover first-hand some of the improvements and progress they are achieving with its technologies. 

The General Assembly meeting fostered a productive exchange of ideas and perspectives among attendees. The Q&A session following the presentations provided an opportunity for the R3GROUP partners to engage directly between each other and seek clarification on any matters of interest.


The objective of R3GROUP is to develop and demonstrate resilience strategies for reconfiguration. The project will carry out industrial demonstrators in diverse manufacturing sectors facing various reconfiguration issues (scale up or down, introduction of new suppliers, accommodation of multiple product variants, resilience to unforeseen events), engaging end-users operating with different business models (B2B, B2C) and on different positions in the value chain (OEM, Tier 1).

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