Implementing and improving rapid reconfigurability and digitalization in manufacturing processes.

The R3GROUP project is an initiative funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme that aims to support the resilience of European manufacturing firms by providing tools to enable rapid reconfigurability.


The general objective of R3GROUP is to develop and demonstrate resilience strategies for reconfiguration in different manufacturing sectors.

Establish an end-to-end digital pipeline linking the production steps vertically and horizontally.

Develop digital tools fostering reconfigurability.

Implement tools to support rapid production requalification.

Integrate user experience in the reconfiguration process through human-
centred digital developments.

Integrate knowledge from the whole value chain to support strategic
reconfiguration choices.

Integrate flexible intra-process logistic modules, supported by reconfiguration

Demonstrate the project approach in a number of industrial pilot lines.

R3GROUP’s goal is to develop human-centred solutions and put a special focus on reskilling to support the adoption of novel technologies.


  • Modularity: The compartmentalization of operational functions into units that can be manipulated between alternative production schemes
  • Integrability: The capability of integrating modules rapidly and precisely by hardware and software interfaces
  • Customization: System or machine flexibility around a part family, obtaining thereby customized flexibility within the part family
  • Convertibility: The capability of transforming the functionality of existing systems and machines to fit new production requirements
  • Diagnosability: The capability of real-time monitoring the product quality, and rapidly diagnosing the root-causes of product defects
  • Scalability: The capability of modifying production capacity by adding or removing resources and/or changing system components.


The R3Group technologies will focus its efforts on the following sectors:


Fabricated metal products

Rubber and plastics

Wearing apparel

Home appliances


R3GROUP is developing new techniques that will improve rapid reconfiguration such as:

Digital twins of process and production assets

In-line quality assurance modules

Supply chain digital twinning tool

High-level decision-making tools

Adaptive digital work instructions

Tools to support UX and human interaction with DT, QA modules

Real-time planning and rescheduling algorithm


The R3Group technologies will focus its efforts on the following sectors:

FundingBox is Europe’s Largest Deep Tech Funding ecosystem providing support to startups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs to grow their business.

CT-IPC is the French Industrial & Technical Centre for Plastics and Composites industry, with more than 2500 affiliated industries (mainly SMEs) directly connected to CT-IPC

Panepistimio Patron
Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) is oriented on research and development in cutting edge scientific and technological fields.
Asociación de Investigación Metalurgica del Noroeste
AIMEN is a Non Profit Innovation and technology centre highly specialized in materials and in advanced manufacturing technologies, specially laser technologies applied to materials processing, robotics and automation.

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers () is a higher education engineering school in France including 8 Education and Research Campuses and 3 Institutes across France. Arts et Métiers is a “Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Institution” (EPSCP) under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Universidade de Coimbra
University of Coimbra (UC) is a reference in higher education and R&D, due to the quality of the courses taught and to the advances achieved in pure and applied research in various scientific domains.
Fundación Zaragoza Logistics Center
Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) is an international center of excellence for research and education in logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) that actively engages with industry and the public sector to develop and disseminate knowledge.
Universitatea Tehnica Gheorghe Asachi Din Iasi
The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University is a high-end research and education institution. Its mission is to carry out specific activities to create, to exploit and to transfer knowledge to the society in fundamental areas – Technical Sciences, Architecture and Urbanism

Netcompany-Intrasoft is a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group with strong international presence and expertise, offering innovative and added-value solutions of the highest quality to a wide range of international and national public and private organizations

CASP is a software company, based in Athens, Greece, working closely with European and local industry as well as with Universities and Technological institutes, on developing and marketing Business Solutions for a wide range of industrial problems.
Emphasis Digiworld
​​Emphasis DigiWorld is focused on the development of solutions for data-driven operational intelligence and sensor-based performance analysis of business processes. Emphasis DigiWorld applies Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud technologies to support real-time decision making and optimize business processes.
Fill is a family-run mechanical engineering company for the automotive, aerospace, sports, wood and construction industries in Austria.
Avenir Vision Industrie
Avenir Vision Industrie is a company which services provide improvements in industrial vision for quality assurance.
GLN MOLDS is a mid-cap company oriented to the molds manufacturing, holding modern facilities supported by several equipment’s to assure the tridimensional measurements of the produced components, as well high-tech machinery for metal machining, namely milling, laser, drilling and electro-erosion
Sqetch is the one-stop fashion production platform, focused on B2B sourcing and networking platform where fashion brands can connect with manufacturers and suppliers to bring their fashion products to life.
Complete with planning software, the entire product development and production processes can be managed online for smoother communication and efficient collaboration.
Made2Flow are a company that helps fashion brand with their supply chain process. They enable brands to measure the impact of all their products at all times, in a transparent, trustworthy and easy manner.
Innovation Engineering
Innovation Engineering S.r.l. (INNEN) is a private company focused on the design and development of advanced IT solution to search, access and manage relevant knowledge within enterprises, on the web, and in structured databases, with specific focus on the technology innovation domain.
EIT manufacturing
EIT Manufacturing CLC South East

EIT Manufacturing Single Member P.C., located in Athens is one of the six EIT Manufacturing Co-Location Centers (CLCs), with the aim of strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity on South East European manufacturing while acting as a connection point with the rest of the EIT Manufacturing Pan-European ecosystem

GLN PLAST is a plastic injection-oriented company, with a modern production facility that includes 40 injection machines (capable of providing production data), semi-automated and robotized production lines, with quality control warranted through artificial vision cameras that guarantee 100% products quality.
Autotech Engineering

Gestamp is an international group dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metal automotive components. The Group specialize in developing innovatively designed products to achieve increasingly safer and lighter vehicles, thereby reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

ElvalHalcor Hellenic Copper and Aluminium industry S.A. (ElvalHalcor), is a global industrial leader with advanced technology, 84 years’ experience and expertise, focused in sustainable operation and growth, offering aluminium and copper processing industrial products and solutions for dynamically growing markets.
Katty Fashion

Katty Fashion is an innovative SME from North East Romania, founded in 2003 ,with 2 decades of expertise in offering bespoke services of collaborative design , product development and excellent garment manufacturing of all categories of womenswear for more than 50 EU brands

Gorenje Orodjarna

GORENJE ORODJARNA, d.o.o., a company owned by the international goup Hisense Europe, is the largest toolmaker in Slovenia and one of the largest toolmakers in Central and South-Eastern Europe, boasting a 70-year tradition in the field of toolmaking.



AMVALOR is a subsidiary of the Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology (ENSAM), dedicated to innovation and technology transfer.


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